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May 2018 Bright Beginnings Bulletin

It’s hard to believe our school year is coming to an end.  The children have learned a great deal.  The teachers of Bright Beginnings feel very honored and blessed to have witnessed this growth first hand and want to thank you for sharing your child(ren) with us.

We would like to thank our Bright Beginnings Christian Preschool families who donated food and other items to our CEAP campaign.  We are delighted to say, a total of 223 lbs. of food was donated.  

We sold 117 boxes of cards for our Usborne Cards for a Cause Fundraiser.  We had 35% of our families participate in the fundraiser.  Congratulations to the 11 families who received the book, “The Elves and the Shoemaker” for selling 5 boxes or more.  They were Addie Koontz, Caiden Addink, Charlotte Kraus, Georgia Glitsos, Jack Festler, Kennedy Tolle, Naomi Farnquist, Noah Stiff, Ruby Nordin, Shane O’Neil and Simeon Hanna.  In our drawing for selling 2 in the first 2 days the winner was Noah Stiff. Our winner of the First Week ~ 4 boxes sold, was Naomi Farnquist. We want to thank everyone who participated in the fundraiser to help our school.

The week of May 1st, we will be having our school Art Show.  Throughout this school year, the teachers have been collecting the student’s artwork to have framed and be placed on display for our Show.  On Tuesday and Wednesday, the artwork will be on display in the atrium during school hours for your viewing. You will be astonished at how their masterpieces look even more amazing after they have been framed.  On Thursday and Friday you will have an opportunity to purchase the art for a suggested minimum amount of $5.00. Donations are also appreciated. Proceeds will benefit the recipients of the Bright Beginnings Christian Preschool Scholarship Fund.  Bright Beginnings would like to thank those who donated frames and our parents who have volunteered to frame the children’s artwork!  If you have any questions about our Art Show, please ask your teachers.

Please return Books belonging to Bright Beginnings and their Book Bags on or before May 16th.

On May 16th & 17th we will be going on our final field trip/picnic to Como Zoo.  This field trip will last one hour and forty-five minutes longer than the usual morning class time; therefore we will be returning to school at 1:15 pm.  

Once again, Minnesota Bubble Parties will be back for our Field Day on May 22nd & 23rd. This event is paid for through our Usborne Card Fundraising.  Little Explorers afternoon students are to attend the Bubble Party starting at 10:25am

The Graduation Program will be on May 24th & 25th.  Parents and others wishing to attend the ceremony, should arrive shortly before 11:00am.   Students who attend the Little Explorers afternoon class will be participating at the 11:00 ceremony.  Please have those students arrive to classroom #2 by 10:45am. This is a Kodak moment and our last day of school!  There will be NO Little Explorers afternoon class after the ceremony.  

If your child is currently enrolled in our program, you will not have to fill out new enrollment forms for the next 2018-19 school year, but you will need to update any information such as immunizations, etcetera at our Open House on Thursday, September 6th before school starts.  If a new sibling is enrolled for next year, you will need to fill out forms for this child.  These forms can be downloaded and printed off from our website at and then turned into the teachers before the end of May, instead of waiting until Open House or the first day of school if you would like.  A confirmation and reminder letter will go out towards the end of July to remind families if any required paperwork is not in your student’s file at that point.  

Report cards and children’s portfolios will be sent home during the last week of school.

We have attached a Parent Evaluation Form.  Please complete this form and return it to your teachers at your earliest convenience.  This information is extremely helpful for us to develop a better program.

There are a few seats still available to sign up your astronaut for Camp Bright Beginnings as we launch our rockets on a “Mission to Kindergarten”, June 4th – 8th.  The fee for qualifying astronauts is $200.  Please contact a teacher or the school for information or call 763-639-9876 to have forms mailed out to you.  This mission is open to the public as well as Bright Beginnings students.

Have a safe & blessed summer!

Your teachers;  Lisa Hanson, Carrie Magner, Janice Rose, Heidi Schantzen & Angela Daniels