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Yearly Calendar

Bright Beginnings Christian Preschool

2017 -18 Calendar


7th                  Open House 5:30 -7:20

11th & 12th      First Days of School



5th  & 6th        Field Trip – Berry Hill Farm

19th & 20th     Osseo Dist. Educ. MN Prof. Conference NO SCHOOL

27th                Pumpkin Party for 3 day classes

30th                Osseo Dist. Workshop NO SCHOOL

31st                 Pumpkin Party for 2 day classes



15th & 16th     School Pictures

20th  & 21st    Parent/Teacher Conference, NO SCHOOL

20th  & 21st    Usborne Book Fair

22nd  – 24th    Thanksgiving Holiday, NO SCHOOL

29th & 30th     Memories with Mom (Mom/Female guardian attends school)



1st                   Osseo Dist., NO SCHOOL

14th & 15th      Christmas Programs

20th  & 21st      Happy Birthday Jesus Parties

22nd-Jan 2nd    Christmas Break, NO SCHOOL



3rd & 4th        School Resumes

15th               Martin Luther King Jr. Day, NO SCHOOL

16th               Public Registration Sign-up for 2018-19 school year from 8:30am-5:30pm

18th & 19th     Field Trip – MN Children’s Museum  (Bus returns at 12:15)

29th               Osseo Dist. Workshop, NO SCHOOL



13th & 14th      Valentine Parties  

16th                Osseo Dist. off, NO SCHOOL

19th                Presidents’ Day, NO SCHOOL

22nd  & 23rd    Fun with Fathers (Dad/Male guardian attends school with student)



9th                 Prep for Conferences, NO SCHOOL

15th  & 16th    Parent/Teacher Conference, NO SCHOOL

19th               Usborne Cards Fund-Raiser Kickoff

26th – 30th     Spring Break, NO SCHOOL



2nd & 3rd       First Days of School after Spring Break

6th                Usborne Cards Fund-Raiser Ends

30th               Osseo Dist. workshop, NO SCHOOL



1st & 2nd        Art Show Exhibit

3rd  & 4th       Art Show Sale

16th & 17th    Field Trip –Como Zoo & Picnic (bus returns at 1:15) 

22nd & 23rd    Bubble Party Day

24th & 25th    Graduation Programs & Ceremonies, Last Days of School


Check the Monthly BBCP Bulletin for any changes or additional special days that could be added throughout the school year.