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November 2019 Bright Beginnings Bulletin

The cold weather has come upon us.  Please label your child’s winter wear, so if it becomes misplaced we can be sure to get it back to them.  

With 56% of our families participating, we raised $1,804.00 from our Gerten’s Fundraiser and direct cash donations to our school.  These funds will help provide in house guests, new materials and equipment for Bright Beginnings Christian Preschool!  We want to thank everyone who participated in helping our school make this a successful first year fundraiser! 

All families will be receiving an email from Bright Beginnings Christian Preschool at the beginning of November.  In the Subject line it will say “Child Care Emergency Plan” with 5 attachments.  This is a new requirement by the State of Minnesota.  Please review the Plan so you are informed. It is important for you if you haven’t signed up for “Remind” already, to do so.  This will be our first and quickest way of notifying families if we need to go to a relocation site. If you have any questions, please ask one of the directors, Mrs. Magner or Mrs. Rose. 

It is hard to believe that one third of the school year has almost passed.  Tuition for the second trimester is due on or before November 15th.  Tuition amounts are: 2 day $546. – 3 day 2.5hr $735. – 3 day Pre-K PLUS 3 hr $885. & Little Explorers afternoon class $885.

Individual and class pictures will be taken on November 13th and 14th during your child’s regular class time.

A conference sign-up sheet will be available in November.  Look for this sheet when you drop off your child at the beginning of class. A text message to remind you to sign up will also be sent out on “Remind”.  Conferences for Mrs. Daniels 3 day Pre-K PLUS class will be on Monday, Nov. 25th from 8:15am – 12:15pm.  Mrs. Schantzen’s conferences for her 3 day am and Little Explorers classes will be on Monday, Nov. 25th from 8:15am – 3:05pm.  Conferences for both Mrs. Daniels & Mrs. Schantzen’s T-TH am classes will be on Tuesday, November 26th in the morning from 8:15am – 11:35pm.  Conferences last 10 minutes for each class for most students, except for students in the Pre-Kindergarten PLUS Class, theirs will be 15 minutes each.  Students may attend conferences. Reminder: If your student is in the morning and afternoon class, please sign up for a conference in both classes.

School will be closed on Wednesday, November 27th through the 29th in recognition of the Thanksgiving Holiday.

With the oncoming flu and cold season, we would like your help in reducing the spread of viruses by having your child wash their hands before and after school.  Also if you are aware your child is not feeling well, please keep them home.  These precautions will help us all stay healthy. 

The delivery of the 2019 Gertens Fundraiser will be on Tuesday, December 3rd  after we return from Thanksgiving. A “Remind” will be sent out with more details on December 2.

“In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God for you in Jesus Christ”
1 Thessalonians 5:18

Your Bright Beginnings Teaching Staff