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February 2020 Bright Beginnings Bulletin

We will be celebrating our Valentine’s Day parties on the 13th & 14th.  Please have your child sign their name on each of their valentines (this is good practice for writing their names, hint: do a few each day.)  They do not need to address them to each classmate.  

We at Bright Beginnings Christian Preschool would like to thank all our Party Parent Volunteers who have dedicated their time for the 2019-2020 school year.  Our Pumpkin and Happy Birthday Jesus parties were all a great success, as we are sure the Valentine’s Day Parties will be too.  The children look forward to these events and it is a great way to share your time and be involved with your child and their classmates.  Again, a BIG THANKS to all who help!

The 3rd trimester tuition is due on or before February 15th.  2 day is $546.00, 3 day Pre-Kindergarten 9-11:30 is $735.00, Pre-kindergarten PLUS 8:30-11:30 is $885.00, and Little Explorers afternoon class is $885.00.  Bright Beginnings Christian Preschool’s Tax ID number is #03-0455877, for families who need this information for tax purposes.

February 17th there will be no school due to Presidents Day.  

“Memories with Mom” will be held on February 27th & 28th .   We invite moms or any other female figure in your child’s life to attend a day of school with your student for our annual “Memories with Mom.”  If you are not able to attend this event, please notify your child’s teacher so we can buddy them up with another adult. This year’s theme is Careers!  Moms and students will step into the career of an exotic animal keeper with Tori’s Precious Pets. She will be bringing a menagerie of animal friends for us to meet and touch. Some fuzzy, some rough and some prickly. We will learn about how they live, what they eat, their prey, and how to take care of them.  Students in the “Little Explorers” S.T.E.M. program, who attend in the afternoon only, are to arrive at 10:10 am to participate in the class with their mom or other female adult.  Little Explorer’s parents, please plan to stay for lunch. If you have any questions, please direct them to your child’s teachers.

Deep peace to all,  Your Bright Beginnings Christian Preschool Staff