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May Bright Beginnings Bulletin

It’s hard and painful to believe our school year has come to an end in the way it did. The teachers of Bright Beginnings feel very honored and blessed to have been a part of your child’s early childhood development.  Thank you for sharing your child(ren) with us.  Even though we were not able to have a Graduation Program at the end of our school year, we will be emailing you a Graduation Certificate that can be printed off.  I have heard from a few parents who plan to have their own little graduation ceremony at home once they have received their certificate.  Now that’s making lemonade out of lemons!


With the abrupt stop to school, many of you have books which belong to Bright Beginnings from the lending library.  We would appreciate it if you would drop them off anytime after the 14th of September when school starts this fall. 


On a brighter note!  If your child was enrolled in our program, you will not have to fill out new enrollment forms for this coming school year in 2020-21, but you will need to update any information such as immunizations, etcetera at our Open House on Thursday, September 10th before school starts.  If a new sibling is enrolled for next year, you will need to fill out forms for this child.  These forms can be downloaded and printed off from our website at and then mail them in or turn them in at the Open House.  A confirmation and information letter will go out towards the end of July to remind families if any required paperwork is not in your student’s file at that point.  


Please come back and visit us whenever possible in the future!  We would love to see you all again!


Have a safe, healthy & blessed summer!

Your dedicated staff at Bright Beginnings Christian Preschool