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September 2022 Bright Beginnings Bulletin

Welcome everyone!  It is September and time for school.  We hope all of you had a wonderful and relaxing summer.  We know the first few days of school can sometimes be a time of high anxiety for both the students and their parents.  We encourage you to read, “Surviving Separation, Tips for Parents”, available by request from your teachers if you are interested.

The first day of school is Monday, September 12th for the MWF students and Tuesday, September 13th for the T-Th students.

Your child will be bringing home a lime green Bright Beginnings Preschool bag at some point.  At this time, your child will bring a snack and beverage to share with their classmates and teachers during their next class.  The snack must be nutritious and store bought.  The beverages need to also be store bought and must be either a jug of 100% juice (62 oz.) or a half gallon of low-fat 1% milk.   Please be aware if your child has a friend in their class with a food allergy.  If you’re not sure, please ask one of their teachers.  

If you were not able to attend the Open House on September 7th, please see your student’s teacher for pertinent paper work.  If there is room to sign up to be a party parent, or chaperone one of your child’s field trips, and other opportunities, please do so as soon as possible. Please make sure all of your forms are turned in.  If you have a returning student, please make sure their records are all updated.  This procedure is required by the State of Minnesota.  These forms include the Registration, Emergency Card, Permission, Immunization and Healthcare Summary.  Sign up for “Remind”!  Remind is a requirement of each family to receive important classroom messages, including school cancellations.  

Bright Beginnings Christian Preschool does have a website where you can access the Bright Beginnings Bulletin, Monthly Calendar, Yearly Calendar, and Forms. The web site address is  We also have a Facebook page you can “Like”, to be able to follow any of our school announcements!

At any time during the school year, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to speak with one of the teachers.


Live Jesus in our hearts.  Forever!

Your Bright Beginnings Christian Preschool Teaching Staff