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Field Trips

SeaQuest at Rosedale Mall 

A 3 day student field trip only. 

This zoo-like experience is the ultimate sea and land adventure with over 1,200 animals and 300 difference species.  We will explore a variety of ecosystems up close and personal with a SeaQuest staff member to learn about animal behavior, management and care.   The bus will return to the school at 11:30.


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Eastman Nature Center

All school field trip on separate days.

We will be going to Eastman Nature Center to learn about Animals in the Winter.  A Naturalist will take us on personal hick though the woods to search for animal tracks, where animal homes are located, talk about what animals are awake, and which ones are which ones are hibernating.  Indoors, we will explore the hands-on exhibits and enjoy an engaging puppet show on “Who’s Awake & Who’s Asleep”!  The bus will return to the school at 11:30.




A visit to Como Park Zoo will always enhance any curriculum!

An all school field trip on the same day.

At Como Park Zoo you can get closer to the animals.  You might even get face to face with mischievous Gorillas.  We will see a different side of the animals at Como Zoo!  The Zoo has enrichment activities provided for the animals to encourage regular stimulation, natural behaviors and curiosity.  After visiting the zoo, we will be picnicking from 11:45 to 12:15 right outside the gate in Como Park.  The bus will return to the school at 12:45.