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Program Information

Jane Herbes

Children Licensed for:
Our program is licensed for 40 children, with a staff ratio of 1:10 as required by the MN DHS.  The Minnesota Department of Human Services telephone number is 651-296-3971.  The age of children we serve is three to five years.

Time of Operation:
The school year begins the first full week after Labor Day and runs through the Friday before Memorial Day.  Our school calendar will be given at beginning of school year.  

The school does not provide transportation.  The parent or guardian is responsible for getting child to and from school each day.  A class list will be provided in the fall to assist with arranging carpools.  Preschool must be notified of carpool arrangements or if anyone unknown to staff will be picking up the child.

We urge that the children be dressed in comfortable play clothes.  It would be helpful if the clothing were made easy for the children to be able to help themselves.  Children should be prepared to play outside, particularly in the fall and spring.  Please provide proper attire for outside play during winter months (hats, mittens, boots, and snow pants.)

School Events:

Field Trips and Walks:
Field trips and neighborhood walks will be held periodically during the year.   You will be notified by note and in the newsletter in advance of the date and place of transported trips.  A field trip permission slip will be sent home prior to trip.  These need to be signed and sent back in order for your child to attend.  Parents may be asked to help.  Transportation for field trips is provided by bus.  There is an extra cost for field trips.

Open House:
An open house is held each year for students and their families.  You will be notified as to the exact date.

Parents are welcome in the classroom at any time.  If at any time you would like to view our policies, procedures and program plan you are welcome and may do so by contacting the director.

Two regular conferences are held during the school year in the fall and spring.  A written assessment will be given to the parent of the children stating the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development.  In addition, parents are encouraged to visit with teachers should there be concerns.  The better the communication, the better to serve your needs.

Individual and group pictures will be taken during the school year.

Health Consultant:
The school has a Health Consultant from MNVA come here to review our policies once a year.

A mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack will be served daily.  The children will have the opportunity to take turns bringing enough nutritious snacks and 100% fruit juice or milk for their class.  These items must be unopened and store bought.  State regulations do not allow us to serve homemade food.  Occasionally we will do some special cooking with the children.

Please check your child each day for signs of illness and keep him/her home if you suspect he/she is ill and will expose others.  If the child becomes sick at school and it is not an emergency, we will have him/her rest on a cot and contact the parents.  If a child is diagnosed as having a contagious or reportable disease, the parent must notify the school or director within 24 hr. so that the information on the contagious illness may be sent home and posted at the school.

100 degrees axillary or higher before fever reducing medication is given
2 or more cases in a 1-day period
until vomiting has stopped
unexplained rash
about 6 days after onset of rash
(pinkeye) needs 24 hours of treatment
Contagious illnesses
tep throat, impetigo, ect.
until treated and no lice or nits are seen

Special Needs:
Parents please inform the school of any special needs that your child may have.  We need to know the best way to take care of your child so if there is any medical conditions or allergies of any kind please let the school know.

Emergency Medical Procedures:
In the event that a medical emergency occurs while your child is in our care, the staff, which is First Aid and CPR Certified, will attend to the injured child immediately.  If necessary we will contact you right away or if it is minor at the end of the day.  If there is a major accident, 911 will be contacted.

Joyful Noise Christian Preschool does not administer medication, except in emergency situations.  Written parental consent and written physician approval is required before we will administer emergency medication.

Following forms are required on or before the first day of school

  • Emergency Card
  • Registration Form
  • Permission Slip
  • Immunization Record
  • Health Care Summary Form (within 30 days of enrollment)

Pets are only allowed by obtaining prior teacher approval.  Pets will need to be brought by a parent and under their supervision and needs to leave with the parent when the program is done.

Behavior Guidance:
The staff at Joyful Noise will work with the children to encourage respect for the teachers, the other children, and the property of the preschool.  At the start of the school year we will discuss the rules and proper classroom behavior.  Staff is not allowed to use corporal punishment (spanking, hitting, etc.), verbal or emotional abuse (name calling, shaming, etc.).  The staff will deal with the behavior in a firm, fair, and friendly manner.  If unacceptable behavior occurs (hitting, biting, etc.) staff will request that the child stops the behavior, staff will redirect child to a different activity.  If the incidents keep occurring parents will be notified.

Our preschool will comply with the Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act.  At no time will smoking be allowed in or around preschool facility.

Our program will work with other professionals on special needs situations or assist with any referrals.

Parent Grievance Procedure
Parents may contact or leave a message for the director anytime and a meeting will be set up within 48 hr, or at the parent’s earliest convenience to discuss issues or complaint.  Teacher maybe involved in the initial or subsequent meeting as deemed necessary.  Written report of decision or action will be presented to parents and all involved within one week of grievance meeting.

Our program is licensed by the State of Minnesota.  The Fire Marshall and the Health department inspect premises.  We carry insurance.  Our liability Insurance is in the amount of 1,000,000.  A qualified professional and an experienced assistant teach each class.  Each year staff members complete the recommended number of child development course hours required for state licensing.  Staff is also trained in first aid and CPR.  Each staff member has been given a background check and has meet State Standards.

It is not policy to participate in any research, experimental procedures, or public relations activities.  If, however, an appropriate opportunity should arise, we would send home advance written notice and parental consent forms, which would need to be on file before children participate.