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Field Trips

Apple Jacks Orchard

The apple orchard tour consists of three stations including apple and apple cider tasting and a yummy apple donut with an educational talk with visual aids about apple growing. The apple picking demonstration and pollination puppet play is interactive with the students. Then a wagon ride through the pick-your-own orchard is narrated by the tractor driver for even more information! Everyone takes home one apple and lots of memories from their orchard experience. Get a field trip permission form.


 Springbrook Nature Center Field Trip

They are making the natural world come alive through hands-on activities. At Springbrook Nature Center we will be learning about what animal do in the winter.  Get a field trip permission form.

Como Zoo Field Trip

At Como Park Zoo you can get closer to the animals. Take a look at the polar bears, seals and the many other animals Como has to offer. We will see a different side of the animals at Como Zoo! The Zoo has enrichment activities provided to the animals to encourage regular stimulation, natural behaviors and curiosity. You may see the orangutans interacting with new toys. After visiting the zoo, we will be picnicking from 11:45 to 12:30 in the west picnic area. The bus will return to the school at 1:00. Get the field trip permission form!