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Philosophy and Goals

Bright Beginnings Christian Preschool cares about all children!  We strive to provide a Christian environment that is not only loving and nurturing, but also rich in standardized academics.  In essence, we teach children what they need to know to be successful learners with God’s blessings.   Within this environment, it is our goal to encourage physical, cognitive, emotional and social development of each child through imaginative play and creative learning.

Below you will find our detailed academic goals.  We hope parents will become familiar with this information.  Children learn best when both school and home communicate and share in the learning process.  With each goal in mind, we plan thoughtful and FUN, age appropriate, thematic learning experiences using a variety of educational principles. Each child can discover, stretch and grow physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually, and do so at his/her own pace.  We want each child to reach his or her potential!

Language and Literacy Goals –  Exposure to and practice with:  letter recognition and formation (includes writing their first and last names), phonemic awareness (spoken words, syllables and sounds), listening and speaking skills, emergent reading with high frequency words, concepts of print, story retell, emergent writing as authors  as well as other ways of responding to communication thoughts and ideas.

Math and Logical Thinking Goals – Exposure to and practice with:  number recognition, counting forward and backward, one-to one correspondence between objects and numbers, knowledge of what number comes before and after a given number, combine and separate numbers of objects, representing numbers in various ways, patterning, sorting by one or two attributes, ordering numbers, recognizing, naming and describing shapes, positional words and spatial relationships among people and objects, measuring and comparing using height, weight, length and time, making comparisons between at least two groups of objects, estimation, collecting and analyzing data.

Science Goals – Exposure to and practice with:  Using the five senses to explore and understand the materials and processes of our natural and physical environment, classifying objects, actions, people and events.  Experimenting, questioning, predicting, and investigating with hands on activities.

Social and Emotional Goals – Practice with:  Increased competency of self awareness by using words and self-regulation.  Show understanding and responds to other’s emotions appropriately.  Learn to accept praise, limits and correction.

Approaches to Learning Goals – Increase student’s curiosity, learn risk-taking, increase imagination and invention.  Practice persistence, reflection, problem solving and interpretation of materials introduced.

Physical and Motor Goals  –  Increase large and small muscle control and coordination through the use of a variety of equipment and tools.  Learn basic physical health and safety rules.

Creativity and the Arts Goals – Exposure to a variety of media and materials to create and experience artistic expression.  Learn to show and respond to others and self through the expression of words.

By demonstrating growth and ultimately expertise in these areas, the child develops self-confidence and individuality so they can transition more easily into their elementary education and become a healthy part of our society.  A child’s work is their play!


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